Minimally by Oskoui+Oskoui

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Recently, Oskoui + Oskoui came out with a fun game app called Minimally, and I’ve been having so much fun with it! There are so many movies on here that I haven’t even seen, so the game is pretty hard to get through, but once you figure out the movie, you get to download your favorite posters in the game!

Go check it out! Or if you like, come help me out. I’ve been stuck on one poster for a month!

Frozen – Vintage Travel Posters

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Check out these awesome posters promoting Disney’s new movie Frozen!

I still haven’t seen this movie but I am obsessed with it, and even more obsessed with these gorgeous illustrations.

Wedding Invites

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Recently, one of my good friends got married! Of course being a graphic designer, I was enlisted to create their wedding invites. I jumped on the opportunity, of course! There is no better time to play around with typography than for a wedding.

More images will be added in the coming months as I assist a different friend with her wedding!

Hand Rendered Type

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Recently, I’ve been having some fun in my spare time drawing out words and letters with chisel pens, brush pens, and any awesome writing implement I can get my hands on. Here are some samples of what I do when I’m bored!

Truss Rental Graphics

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Working with Image Design and Communications, my latest project has been creating mock-up graphics for trade show truss rental designs. This project is ongoing as we add new designs and update existing ones with out-of-date graphics. All designs can be found at

The Science of Pond Scum

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Algae can be a solution to many of the environmental problems that we face today, such as air/water pollution, malnutrition, and a need for alternative energy. These problems will only become worse for younger generations, so it is imperative to place this idea in the minds of children today, that they may consider it for a better future.

This project was amazing to work on, and I hope to keep developing it as time goes on. My ultimate goal is to bring this project to life and help educate kids around the world about the science behind this amazing marvel of nature.

Packaging for Fun!

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Two for-fun packages for Sweetlove Chocolate and for Curio Chocolate. Each original die-cut box represents a human emotion in relation to candy. One represents love, with two halves coming together in a loving embrace. The other represents curiosity, with a strange, unbalanced shape and mysterious color and opacity.